Turkey Policies Affecting Disinformation

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The 2002 Law No. 4676 made it so that online spaces are subject to the same restrictive press legislation as other outlets, however none of the courts or prosecutors have used this law.[1]

The 2007 Internet Law 5651 came into effect and it regulates prohibited content including child abuse images and obscene content. The law also ensures that the government has the power to block websites without a prior court order.[2][3]

In July 2020, The Turkish government passed a law which requires that social media platforms with over 1 million users must open offices in Turkey and imposes stiff penalties if the companies refuse. The office would be required to block all content which the government or individuals have deemed offensive. If the company does not remove the content within 48 hours they are subject to a $700,000 fine. The law also requires that user data be stored within Turkey. The law has met widespread criticism that it will restrict free speech, the flow of information online, as well as privacy.[4][5]

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