Spain Policies Affecting Disinformation

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Actions and Initiatives

In 2018, a proposal asking for the Government to take action against disinformation was stricken down.[1] Spain created a specific body to combat disinformation before the 2019 elections.[2][3] More recently, the CCN-Cert which is part of the National Intelligence Center of Spain has been involved in combatting disinformation.[4]

In October 2020, the National Security Council of Spain approved the "Procedure for Intervention Against Disinformation" which allows for surveillance of social media campaigns from other countries and for he government to move against them. Journalists were not consulted in forming this policy and it's broad wording has led to concerns that it may be used to impede free speech.[5]

On November 5 2020, the Action Procedure Against Disinformation was published in the «Boletín Oficial del Estado» [6] and the government claims this is building from the EU's European Democracy Action Plan.


Cyber bullying, and cyber sexual harassment are considered forms of harassment on the internet as part of Spanish law.[7]

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