Indonesia Policies Affecting Disinformation

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In 2019, the Indonesian government established the Internet Platform Law which requires social media companies to control the flow of information on their platforms and to protect user data. The law stipulates that social media platforms must not contain "restricted content" however there is still no mutual agreement with the social media companies as to what should be restricted.[1] Some social media companies have signed agreements with the government that they will combat disinformation.[2]

Initiatives Against Disinformation

In 2018, President Joko Widodo appointed a head of the newly formed National Cyber and Encryption Agency to help intelligence agencies and law enforcement efforts combat online misinformation before nationwide polls that summer. The agency will track cyber crimes and identify perpetrators but it is still unclear if they will have the authority to prosecute crimes.[3] Other agencies in the country have arrested people alleged to have spread misinformation[4][5]

The government does have a team of engineers monitoring for disinformation 24 hours a day.[6] Indonesian police have made arrests against citizens accused of spreading disinformation.[7]

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