Cambodia Policies Affecting Disinformation

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The Cambodian government has laws which penalize distribution of "fake news". Violators may be jailed for 2 years and fined US $10,000. Websites need to register with the country's information ministry.[1] These measures are considered restrictions on press freedom ahead of the General Election and have raised concerns.[2]

In 2020 Cambodia's national assembly passed a state of emergency law which gives Prime Minister Hun Sen the power to control media and social media, unlimited telecommunications surveillance and the ability to restrict information that might provoke unrest.[3]


In 2019 the Cambodian Government announced it was launching a TV program which is designed to counter fake news.[4]

Using accusations of disinformation to criticize government opponents

Prime Minister Hun Sen has used the term "fake news" to describe positions of dissenters and the opposition.[5]

In 2020 the government has used COVID-19 to jail multiple critics who they accused of spreading "fake news", including journalists and politicians.[6]

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