Tools Against Disinformation

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This is part of Individual Tactics to Counter Disinformation

How to Guides:


Exposing the Invisible has a guide for open source investigators called "the kit":

First Draft News quick guide to OSINT:

Amnesty International Citizens Lab how to guide:

Counter Disinfo offers a wide variety of tools on disinformation with a particular emphasis on Central Europe. It also has how to guides on creating counter-narrative campaigns:

A book on Information verification during ongoing events:


You can visualize the spread of claims over social media through Hoaxy:


Graphika can help you map social media environments:

Gephi has free open sourced software for the visualization of campaigns:

DNSlytics can help trace suspicious ads and other commercial content:

You can check if accounts are bots through this website:

Trending Topics around the Globe:

Whopostedwhat, A non public Facebook keyword search that can be filtered by date:

Domain name checker:

Databases of Tools:

Here are a list of Open Source Tools that was compiled by RAND covering, Bot/Spam detection, Codes and Standards, Credibility Scoring, Disinformation Tracking, Education/Training, Verification, Whitelisting:

This github is based on Bellingcat and


The OSINT Framework contains a variety of ONSIT tools, though some may require payments:

Here is Bellingcat's list of OSINT tools which you can use:

Bellingcat overall investigation Toolkit:

A variety of online forensics tools at:

Risk of Disinformation Based on Media Environment

Interaction Developed this tool to assess the vulnerability of a media environment to disinformation, the tool is on page 25: