Singapore Policies Affecting Disinformation

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In 2019, Singapore passed the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act which criminalized spreading false information online. Persons found in violation of the law may be fined up to $60,000 or imprisonment for up to 10 years. This Act also requires that online platforms remove content which the government has deemed false or face fines of up to 1 million Singapore dollars.[1] Critics views this legislation as an infringement upon free speech.[2][3] Under the law any government minister “will have the power to direct individuals, publishers, internet platforms, and mainstream media to either post corrections or takedown content, based on what the minister deems to be content deemed false and ‘against the public interest’.”[4] Facebook, Twitter and Google have been granted a grace period to adjust to the regulations.[5] The law has gradations in punishment with fine of up to $37,000 or five years in prison for sharing false information or $74,000 and a 10-year jail term for using fake accounts or bots.[6]

Singapore has the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) which is the government agency which conducts online regulation.[7]

COVID-19 Response

During COVID-19 Singapore has been providing daily updates which are designed as clarifications surroundings topics where there has been misinformation.[8]

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