Mongolia Policies Affecting Disinformation

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory


In 2019, the Law on Infringement was updated so that persons or legal entities could be fined for spreading slander or insulting disinformation. The law imposes fines of 2 million MNT onto individuals and 20 million MNT onto legal entities.[1]

In January 2020, Article 13.14 of the Mongolian Criminal Code went into effect which ensures that disseminating disinformation is punishable by fines, community service, or restrictions on the right to travel for 1-3 months.[2]

A separate Law on Offenses passed in April 2020 states that spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic is punishable by fines.[3] These fines are MNT 150,000 for individuals and MNT 1,500,000 for organizations found guilty.[4] Under the law police initially determine which editorials are false or true.[5]

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