Leverage Existing Narratives

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory


Use or adapt existing narrative themes, where narratives are the baseline stories of a target audience. Narratives form the bedrock of our worldviews. New information is understood through a process firmly grounded in this bedrock. If new information is not consistent with the prevailing narratives of an audience, it will be ignored. Effective campaigns will frame their misinformation in the context of these narratives. Highly effective campaigns will make extensive use of audience-appropriate archetypes and meta-narratives throughout their content creation and amplification practices. Examples include: midwesterners are generous, Russia is under attack from outside.

Using narratives that already exist in the targeted communities, and adapting them. Can be seen as a Distort technique for a community’s baseline narratives.


  • Second amplification peak in news traffic (from weaponised news)[1]