Italy Policies Affecting Disinformation

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory


In 2017, a law on cyberbullying was passed in order to provide a resource for minors and to allow data protection authorities to remove offensive content. In 2018, a bill on hate speech was drafted but has not yet been legislated.[1]

Initiatives Against Disinformation

In 2018, the Italian Government created a portal for citizens to report disinformation. This portal works by having citizens report disinformation and having state police fact-check the information. It works in the following steps: people can report suspected inauthentic news reports on the online portal, they must provide their email address, a link to the report and any platforms where they viewed the content. State police will then fact-check the information and legal action can be taken[2][3][4].

Italian lawmakers have made media literacy part of the high school curriculum.[5]

Facebook is working with local Italian groups to fact-check disinformation found online.[6]

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