Ethiopia Policies Affecting Disinformation

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory


In February 2020, lawmakers approved the Hate Speech and Disinformation Prevention and Suppression Proclamation No.1185/2020. Under the law hate speech or disinformation that is disseminated on social media platforms with over 5,000 followers is punishable with a fine of up to 100,000 birr ($3,000) and up to three years in prison.[1]

The law targets the dissemination of disinformation, which is defined as “speech that is false, that is spread by a person who knowingly or should reasonably have known the falsity of the information and is highly likely to cause a public disturbance, riot, violence or conflict”.[2] There has been concern that the bill will be used to inhibit freedom of speech, as terms are vague.[3]

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National Policies Affecting Disinformation

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