Estonia Policies Affecting Disinformation

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory

Initiatives Against Disinformation

Estonia created a Computer Emergency Response Team in 2006.[1] Estonia has dedicated "baltic elves", who are volunteer internet users who monitor for Russian disinformation. The network of "baltic elves" became active after the events in Maidan square in Ukraine.[2]

In 2007 Estonia was hit by a distributed denial of service attack which some call the first "cyber war".[3]

In 2016 Estonia’s State Electoral Office created an interagency task force to combat disinformation affecting their election process.[4]

Estonia relies on the East StratCom Task Force formed in 2015 to combat Russian disinformation.[5] Estonia also began to use the rapid alert system set up by the European Commission for the 2019 elections.[6][7]

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