Disinformation tactics

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory

The following tactics with T000 are part AMITT framework developed by the CogSec Collaborative. Adtac works in collaboration with the CogSec Collaborative to refine and improve the AMITT framework.

Tactics that begin with ADT00 were developed over the course of Black Boxing sessions and have not been incorporated into the AMITT framework.

Strategic Planning:

T0001 The 5D's (dismiss, distort, distract, dismay, divide)

T0002 Facilitate State Propaganda

T0003 Leverage Existing Narratives

T0004 Competing Narratives

Objective Planning

T0005 Center of Gravity Analysis

T0006 Create Master Narratives

Develop People

T0007 Create fake Social Media Profiles / Pages / Groups

T0008 Create fake or imposter news sites

T0009 Create fake experts

ADT001 Franchising

ADT002 Outsourcing

Develop Networks

T0010 Cultivate Ignorant Agents

T0011 Hijack legitimate account

T0012 Use concealment

T0013 Create fake websites

T0014 Create funding campaigns

T0015 Create hashtag

ADT003 Network of Cells


T0016 Clickbait

T0017 Promote online funding

T0018 Paid targeted ads

Develop content

T0019 Generate information pollution

T0020 Trial content

T0021 Memes

T0022 Conspiracy narratives

T0023 Distort facts

T0024 Create fake videos and images

T0025 Leak altered documents

T0026 Create fake research

T0027 Adapt existing narratives

T0028 Create competing narratives

Channel Selection

T0029 Manipulate online polls

T0030 Backstop personas

Youtube, Reddit, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter

Pump Priming

T0039 Bait legitimate influencers

T0040 Demand unsurmountable proof

T0041 Deny involvement

T0042 Kernel of Truth

T0043 Use SMS/ WhatsApp/ Chat apps

T0044 Seed distortions

T0045 Use fake experts

T0046 Search Engine Optimization


T0047 Muzzle social media as a political force

T0048 Cow online opinion leaders

T0049 Flooding

T0050 Cheerleading domestic social media ops

T0051 Fabricate social media comment

T0052 Tertiary sites amplify news

T0053 Twitter trolls amplify and manipulate

T0054 Twitter bots amplify

T0055 Use hashtag

T0056 Dedicated channels disseminate information pollution

ADT004 Funneling to Private Channels

ADT005 Disinformation Laundromat

ADT006 Cyborgs

Go Physical

T0057 Organise remote rallies and events

T0061 Sell merchandising


T0058 Legacy web content

T0059 Play the long game

T0060 Continue to amplify

ADT007 Removal of Content

Measure Effectiveness

Behavior Change

Message Reach

Social Media Engagement