Democratic Republic of Congo Policies Affecting Disinformation

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The Democratic Republic of Congo does not have laws which specifically target disinformation but the he Penal Code and the Press Freedom Law could both be used to combat disinformation.

No. Article 199bis of the Penal Code makes it illegal for individuals to knowingly spread false rumors that may alarm the public or to provoke the public against “the established powers”. Article 211 of the Penal Code prohibits individuals from intentionally sharing false news if they intend to disturb the peace.[1]

The Press Freedom law criminalizes expression on any platform that incites theft, murder, pillage, arson, any offence against state security, as well as incitement of discrimination, hatred or violence against an individual or group due to their origin, ethnicity, nationality, race, ideology or religion.[2] The law also criminalizes insults against the Head of State and incitement of members of the armed forces.[3]

Initiatives Against Disinformation

The government created a tip line to address misinformation about Ebola.[4]

The organization Congo Check has partnered with Facebook to combat misinformation surrounding COVID-19.[5]

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