Cuba Disinformation Profile

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory

Cuba Media Environment

Almost all outlets are state controlled and journalists are routinely harassed or detained for coverage not favored by the regime.[1] Cuba is ranked 171 out of 180 on the 2020 World Press Freedom Index.[2] According to the World Bank in 2019 61.8% of Cubans were using the internet.[3]

Fake Government Accounts

Activists allege that the Cuban Government has accounts that promote pro-regime pro-propaganda. The 200 accounts were found to have around 200,000 followers.[4]

fake Pro-Maduro accounts in Venezuela and Pro-Cuban regime accounts in Cuba endorse each other's content.[5]

COVID-19 Disinformation

The Cuban government repeatedly promoted interferon alpha 2B as a treatment for COVID-19 without evidence.[6]