Create Master Narratives

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory


The promotion of beneficial master narratives is perhaps the most effective method for achieving long-term strategic narrative dominance. From a "whole of society" perspective the promotion of the society's core master narratives should occupy a central strategic role. From a misinformation campaign / cognitive security perspective the tactics around master narratives center more precisely on the day-to-day promotion and reinforcement of this messaging. In other words, beneficial, high-coverage master narratives are a central strategic goal and their promotion constitutes an ongoing tactical struggle carried out at a whole-of-society level.

By way of example, major powers are promoting master narratives such as:

  • "Huawei is determined to build trustworthy networks"
  • "Russia is the victim of bullying by NATO powers"
  • "USA is guided by its founding principles of liberty and egalitarianism"

Tactically, their promotion covers a broad spectrum of activities both on- and offline.


  • ‌Existing disinformation narratives
  • New inauthentic narratives[1]