Columbia Disinformation Profile

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory

Columbia Domestic Disinformation

Colombia Media Environment

Media ownership is controlled by a handful of private groups.[1] Colombia ranked 130 out of 180 in the 2020 world press freedom index.[2] As of 2019 65% of people in Colombia use the internet.[3] There are concerns about excessive surveillance of the internet.[4]

2016 Plebiscite vote on peace agreement with the FARC Rebels

The "No" vote won by a narrow 0.2% margin and many academics, NGOs, and Media outlets alleged that there was an organized disinformation campaign on WhatsApp and social media by the right wing campaign. The manager of the right wing campaign acknowledge there was a strategy of distortion of the facts[5]

COVID-19 Disinformation

Colombia has been subject to a deluge of misinformation surrounding COVID-19. Additionally the prevalence of home remedies and folk medicine have complicated the official response.[6]