Cameroon Disinformation Profile

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory

Cameroon Media Environment

Cameroon is ranked 134 out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index.[1] Journalists face risk of arrest when reporting on sensitive subjects like the unrest in English speaking regions and there is a culture of self censorship in the media.[2] 23% of Cameroon's population use the internet as of 2017.[3]

Domestic Tensions and Disinformation

A number of citizen journalists have spread unverifiable information about the Anglophone Crisis which relates to Anglophone separatists who are in conflict with the government military.[4]

There is tension online between supporters of opposition politician Maurice Kamto and supporters of resident Paul Biya use ethnic slurs and attack each other online.[5]

COVID-19 Disinformation

There are a range of conspiracies theories some about a New World Order, others about resistance due to prior contraction of Malaria, one promoted by a Bishop supporting a plant-based remedy, and a belief that the government is artificially inflating numbers in order to receive more aid.[6] There is vaccine skepticism concerning the Gates family as well as hesistation about western doctors after French doctors were filmed joking about testing COVID vaccines on Africans.[7]