Bangladesh Policies Affecting Disinformation

From ADTAC Disinformation Inventory


In October 2018, the Bangladeshi government passed legislation allowing prison sentences to be handed out for the spreading of 'propaganda' about the 1971 war for independence, also banning the posting of 'aggressive and frightening' content. This legislation led to concern among journalists who feared that it would be used against legitimate news as well as false content.[1]

Government generated disinformation

Reuters reported that the Bangladesh government has previously spread online disinformation. Ahead of the 2018 General Election, Facebook and Twitter removed over 20 accounts and pages linked with government officials, spreading anti-opposition misinformation. The government has maintained a tight grip on internet usage, and in response to the student protests in August 2018 the police’s cyber crimes unit was employed to silence “fake news” it feels aided the protests.[2]

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